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For your convenience, Psychological Systems will be introducing Bespoke & Tailor-made packages to meet your specific needs and requirements.

These packages will not only allow you to pre-book sessions one month, six months or up to a year in advance, but will also allow you the convenience of being conducted via Skype, in-practice, or at a place of your choice whether in London, nationally or internationally.

Tailor-made packages will be focused on the key areas of focus: WORK, LOVE, or PLAY because changes within one or all of these areas can make a transformational effect upon a person’s life and further separated into addressing areas of difficulty using clinical psychology and psychotherapy. Whilst other aspects of expert focus include utilising Executive coaching and high performance goal setting. These serve a cross spectrum of clients who are facing challenges and need expert insights to help them with changing the outcomes for issues they are facing so to find ideal solutions.

  • Focused on your needs, addressing exactly what will improve the quality of your life
  • Tackling aspects of distress versus working more preventatively and much more proactively
  • Providing you the best pathway approach where everything is outlined so you can begin to have the expect support to match the areas of focus you are wanting to work on
  • Pre-organised and highly goal oriented
  • Designed to provide the greatest ease of use for our most popular standard service
  • Inclusive of psychometric assessment
  • Examples of a Tailor-made package might include a problem with work, where a block of pre-selected sessions focus on addressing issues related to, for instance, feeling stressed at work or, if you are having relationship issues, couple sessions could take place to assess & focus on agreed shared goals and with follow-up so to structure clear measureable outcomes, including addressing stresses as well as working on positive relationship enhancement and relationship preventative care

Bespoke development would require an initial Executive coaching session to plan out exactly what you need so that we can provide you with the expertise to evolve the right solutions regardless of the complexity and the challenge for the goals you, your family, or your team are working towards. We focus on the best approach for exactly what you need no matter how difficult or challenging and how we can help you with your assessment needs, as well as the clinical interventions and the coaching so to help you evolve with genius innovations. This approach is best for more unique and specialised requirements that necessitate both out of the box issues and have more personalised care, where we match the complexity linking systemic approaches that are focused precisely to the needs balancing different high pressure and elite environments as well as the challenges these can bring.

  • Expert help with whatever you want to co-create genius insights and interventions to significantly improve your and your family’s life, or for your leadership team
  • Offers a unique level of special treatment approach that utilises more resources
  • Focuses significantly more on very high performance outcomes, often under high stress with different kinds of challenges where a number of interconnecting factors, such as family systems, work or high performance teams are synergistically effected
  • Expert planning with the goal focus of what you would like to accomplish, integrating the highest level of attention & care mixed in with cutting-edge technical approaches to create the most effective outcomes
  • Examples of a Bespoke service might include working with a ultra high net worth family organisation to deal with communication and working within multiple generations to align goals and work in a more collaborative way, where putting in place the right communication could transform key levels of functioning. Or working with a CEO and/or an executive team toward multiple complex and very challenging goals where there are significant stresses or challenges, as well as a need for exceptionally high levels of performance

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