Psychometric tests


“Our goal, through better assessments and online learning support is to help you remove your frustrating blocks and in doing so, allow you to expertly manage your stress. We work to provide you with the needed path and tools in a compassion-based framework to help you completely thrive so to find your deepest passions and achieve your dreams to the very fullest potential”

The work that Psychological Systems, Dr Sherry and his research team are pioneering is working to lead the world with the most relevant ways to assess and understand what the key areas of intervention are according to your specific needs of core factors that could be causing you unnecessary problems. By developing innovative ways to help you identify where there are valuable points of change this understanding can help you better achieve the greatest results. Whether it is WORKLOVE, PLAY, or any one of a number of areas, it is our mission to create positive life changing solutions to facilitate your higher capability – this is what we specialise in – helping you to transform in realising the highest version of yourself with the greatest capability

Importantly, we are working to develop a completely integrative approach so your change journey is profoundly smooth and joined up. The benefit of this process will facilitate meaningful changes within your entire life and your relationships so that these core areas are connected and you can feel joyful. Our goal is to provide you with and for us to become your robust resource for life – to help you move from being stressed or traumatised to learning to mindfully connect to your life and really enjoy your relationships and life experiences.

When registering for an in-practice consultation you will be asked to complete an online compulsory General Health Test. The test is compiled of a series of yes/no/multiple choice questions and some where you will need to type in a short answer. The test should take 5 – 10 minutes to complete and will provide the first part of the pathway to help identify some of the areas that you are finding challenging or that you would like to have some help to work on – the more we know what is the precise nature of the blocks the more we can expertly help you.

In addition, there will be a number of cutting edge psychological assessments, including the Sherry Trauma Assessment Tests (STAT tests) available to purchase online in due course and these will include, for example, the STAT personality and life experience test, core relationships across the life span test, social media test, surgery and aesthetic and plastic surgery tests, amongst others.