Every aspect of our life depends at its core upon the quality of our health.  Getting this aspect optimized will positively affect every other part of the success and bedrock of our lives.



Much of our lives and our identity is frequently connected with our work.  By accurately addressing this very central part of our lives positively can improve every aspect of our well being, our success (financial as well as enjoyment). For such a pivotal part of our lives making improvements to this area really is an essential investment.





Our core capacity to love and be loved arguably has one of the greatest impacts of our lives.  If you were to rate your relationship what number would you give it out of 100%?  Could you improve this?  What might this begin to look or feel like?  Why would you not want to really have the most living and joyful relationship you are capable.  Here at Psychological Systems Ltd., we want to expertly locate where the hotspots are and how we can help you profoundly improve these aspects of your closest relationship.



On a slightly lighter, but no less important level, our capacity to play and explore is part of and also underpins these other aspects of our life.  Play brings with it creatively, innovation, and connects with it a deep sense of security.  By identifying how to really improve our capacity for healthy and meaningful fun properly assessing this area of our life we can see how to make improvements that connect up much more joy and pleasure to also feedback and improve every other part of our and other’s lives.


The Tests


What is a psychometric test?


Psychometrics (or Psychometric assessment) is a discipline derived from clinical psychology.


Psychometric tests are used to construct and innovate new measurement instruments, including tests, questionnaires, personality assessments and interviews. It is the hope of Dr. Richard Sherry, the creator and innovator of these ground-breaking tests like the STAT psychometric test.  Moreover, these tests are now integrated into a fully linked care pathway to create a truly unified system that is capable of building sustainable and compassionate emotional development for individuals as well as the larger social structures each is engaged within.


Using a completely new approach to computerised tele-medicine platform, we take assessment scores and link them with other tests and recommended health interventions, providing one of the most dynamic effective evaluation methods of holistic integration and strategies to heal the entire person.


Another important benefit for the system Dr. Sherry developed is to create new levels of health to facilitate similar levels of development of well-being within the group or larger organization that rebuilds entirely new system-wide health. This is innovating the way with some of the newest and best approaches of integrated psychological assessments that not only work towards the copyrighted (Dr. Richard Sherry © 2011 to present) STAT psychometric test and a wide range of completely new psychometric tests and integrated interventions platform. This forms a completely new approach in to an integrated and benchmarked assessment process that looks at essential factors affecting change management and development, as well as how we can link up clear strategies to identify strengths and weaknesses and reduce vulnerabilities and improve resiliencies.


These assessment tests and platform can provide space to learn and facilitate clear aspects of development for core aspects of change. This ever-evolving process of learning and improvement helps to unlearn (and stop) unhelpful or hurtful strategies and encourages skills building to support the ‘switch’ for core positive behaviours.  This combination of health and performance optimisation positively changes habits of development to profoundly improve all aspects of the person’s sense of connection, relationships, sense of self-identity, positive personal impact of change on others, his/her leadership, and the desire to help create a truly healthy environment.