Work Relationship Assessment

This occupationally focused assessment forms a very new and innovative developmental approach to assessing relationships at work.  This test acknowledges the contribution of personality, emotional intelligence, work stress, and of personal developmental skills to facilitate self-confidence, trust, well-being that layers over the course of the person’s lifetime that can influence their experience of their working environment as well as the interactive relationship the person has on their work environment as well as how that work milieu might be experienced by this particular person.  Really understanding these essential factors can literally make or even break a company.  This test can be taken individually, or together within a team environment to highlight possible co-worker “hotspots” that are likely to contribute to communication breakdown or areas of strengths that could support a high performance work environment.  (Dr. Richard Sherry © 2014 to present)


What is also available is for the individual and organizational pre and post occupational assessment if we connect these work relationship scores with 60 key influential factors that can change the working environment. These scores can be also used as a definitive assessment baseline for any organizational intervention to check the initial health of the organization as well as to assess any change management interventions employed.  We can also customize both the scoring and the analytics for these factors (need to use a negative as well as a positive points system) Computer plug-ins for ascribing value to design a bespoke assessment and interventional system for your company.  This new approach offers the cutting edge in orgsnisational health and performance assessment.