Once you have decided an area that you would like help to assess the key areas that are likely to be central contributing factors you need to register. Your first step on your way is registering with us. Once you have read through the options and the descriptions just select the test you feel would be most helpful or that has been recommended, go to the checkout, fill in the relevant information, and take the selected test.  As soon as you finish it the report will be sent to the email address you have provided along with a special security code so the results can be de-encrypted.  It is our privilege to be your expert guide to help you.




Our research team is working to lead the world with the most relevant ways to assess and understand what the key change issues are so we can best help you with just the right intervention to best help you.  Whether it is HEALTH or WORK, LOVE, or PLAY, or any one of a number of specialist areas it has been our mission to create positive life changing ways to move you from being stuck to feeling stupendous.  There are aspects to our understanding of ourselves that if we could have insight into these aspects of ourselves and our functioning they could potentially completely change our capability of what we can do and who we can become.  This is what we specialize in—helping you to transform in any and every aspect that is of value to you.


It is important to know we have been working to develop a completely integrative approach and care pathway, not only with having the best assessments, but developing the most cutting-edge interventions as well (see Areas of Expertise for more information).  We want you treatment approach to be joined up like we would like your life and your relationships to feel connected and at its core, a joyful experience.  Our goal is to provide you with a robust resource for life—to move from traumatised to incredibly high performing capability.


_________We want to move you to incredibly higher

levels of consciousness and performance. (Really going places)


_________Ordinary Level of functioning


_________ Trauma and Vulnerability (Stopped)