Psychological Systems Ltd was established in 2012 with the aim of the company being to support the depth of emotional health and provide a complete framework for wellness. Its approach is to use state-of the art psychometric assessment, clinical psychology and psychotherapy, as well as executive & creativity coaching approaches to focus on key aspects of positive change. Using a compassion focused quality of care and individualised attention, each step in the pathway of healing aims to bring peace of mind and health from world-class levels of expertise the world over.


We feel that human beings and the social systems that we inhabit should be meaningful and alive, as well as profoundly positive experiences of creativity and support. The social structures and the experiences that make up our lives should facilitate the formation of our unique vision of development and work synergistically together to improve our lives, leave the world better for our being here and create and bring value to our social and productive endeavours – whether they be our work, our relationships or our friendships, and social or international presence. Our focus is on strengthening and healing the vulnerabilities and helping to positively facilitate very high levels of health and performance, as well as the capacities to become a deeper human being who is then able to positively transform the world around them.

We see life as an adventure where our confidence should increase through taking an active role and assuming a proactive responsibility within each of our own lives, and within our relationships and the wider world.