Psychometric tests


A capacity to play is the opposite of feeling overwhelmed with fear where all the big capacities to really develop and overcome stress states are required so to be in the lighter creative emotions.

Friendship, a capacity to have fun, and many of the most essential moments that one most deeply values in life is integrally connected with this aspect.

Improving relationships and creative output at work are also very much linked to being able to play.

We work with individuals, couples, families, teams and/or organisations. For individual optimisation we recommend booking for a Creativity Coaching session, or to address problems within this area of your life Psychotherapy sessions would be recommended.

In due course we will also be launching a series of tests to help you identify and bring the greatest aspects out in yourself and also help you elicit this attribute with everyone around you.

Please refer to BOOK AN APPOINTMENT which will allow you to lodge your interest so that we can advise you when they become available.