A social and emotional engagement, play is fundamentally a positive emotional and physical experience. Play allows one to master motor skills, cognitive skills and establish social relationships, allowing one the ability to relax and de-stress and fundamentally to be in a healthier environment.

The sense of pleasure and developmental regulatory social connections that one can experience may, oftentimes, be significantly reduced if there are obstacles to play;  potentially the entirety of one’s ability to experience pleasure and their ability to reduce stress and feel compassion will be derailed. One’s key psychopathology can undermine or even completely stop one’s ability to feel and experience self-compassion and compassion or empathy towards others. These kinds of blockages to play need to be healed.

Friendship, a capacity to have fun, and many of the most essential moments that one most deeply values in life is integrally connected with play. Improving relationships and creative output at work are also very much linked to being able to play, pleasure, and joy. If you would like to increase your capacity and depth of experience in these vital positive emotions, let us help you improve on these crucial skills.

We work with individuals, couples, families, teams and organisations. For individual optimisation we recommend booking for a Creativity Coaching session, or to address problems within this area of your life Psychotherapy sessions would be recommended.

If you feel blocked in your ability to have fun, to play, and be happy and comfortable in your own skin, we can help you vastly improve these issues. Just reach out and we can help you.

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