ORGANISATIONAL Psychology & Executive Coaching

Organisational Psychology

Organisational and Occupational Psychology is a crucial specialty in relation to understanding and resolving critical problems in your working life. Dr Sherry has the expertise required as a Tavistock trained Organisational Consultant, he is also a Consultant Organisational Psychologist, he is a  Member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and Full Member of the BPS’s Division of Occupational Psychology (DOP).  He is a Full Consultant Chartered Registered Clinical Psychologist with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) and the British Psychological Society (BPS). He is qualified Chartered Aviation Psychologist and on the BPS Register for Aviation and Aerospace Psychology, which he also serves on the BPS Board for this specialty area. He has over 20 years experience of working with professionals across complex industries such as business, finance and banking, law, medicine, surgery, engineering, oil and gas and energy sectors, property, architecture and building, hospitality, travel, and food services, technology, military, aviation, space, leadership, ecology, politics, academics, science, computing, and the arts. Dr Sherry is uniquely placed to understand the professional culture in which you work, your psychology and job-related skill sets to resolve your current problems and how you can move from your present challenges to feeling like you can function positively and meaningfully within your job. Dr Sherry can help you with:

  • Diagnosing what the key occupational issues are
  • Helping you to understanding what your blind spots and specific triggers are
  • Developing the specific skills and approaches to ensure you can handle whatever you and your team or organisation are facing
  • Implementing measures to address and manage these factors and risks
  • Building resiliency and innovative proactive problem solving


Our team share a passion for limitless learning. Psychological development and mentoring for younger people form a crucial part of experiential learning. There are many ways in which our mentoring expertise can be applied in your unique environment to help create ideal internship programs and experiential learning.

Creativity Coaching Key Benefits:-

  • Profoundly evolving a new quality of creative output not previously achieved
  • Working towards correcting problematic patterns and inner-blind spots helping you access a deeper level of genius creative professional and artistic output
  • Envisioning the greatest outcomes beyond what you felt was possible and then being able to make them achievable
  • Synergising entirely new improvements on your individual levels of  WORKLOVE and PLAY to support leadership of positive transformation and change to be able to inspire others lives with your deeper and happier you

Creativity coaching involves working with highly creative individuals, superstars in their respective areas of expertise, and/or teams where creative output forms a crucial factor in not just staying ahead of the curve but in fundamentally redefining it. Creativity coaching facilitates both the imaginative and practical outputs of the co-created space provided. It is not just about working more efficiently it is about envisioning the greatest outcomes beyond what you felt was possible and then making them an achievable reality.

Especially in the creative professions – writers, film directors, actors, painters, sculptors, photographers, composers, musicians and computer designers, or any field where highly creative productive capacities are required, sustained or evolved – working with Psychological Systems and Dr Sherry (please refer here for qualifications) will profoundly bring a new quality and resonance of creative output that you have not previously achieved.

Utilising incredibly clear feedback and incisive insight Dr Sherry’s coaching style will be able to help you correct problematic patterns and inner-blind spots that might otherwise be blocking the true success you are actually capable of achieving. In methodically working with creative luminaries like yourself to replace problematic modes with visionary ways of working, the goal is to synergize entirely new improvements on both your individual levels of WORK, LOVE and PLAY, and to support the leadership of positive transformation which can inspire change for the people around you to begin a life changing positive process based on the changes you have made within this work. Dr Sherry has done extensive coaching work and training with Professor Ernesto Spinelli, Michael Port and other inspirational coaches to create his own revolutionary and unique big vision process of transformation on individual and group social processes.

The goal and creative vision is to have these be the most life-changing conversations you have ever had and in doing so allow you to take control over your own life and creativity and also inspire others lives, helping you to feel a deeper and happier person.

Executive Coaching

Dr Sherry is a Chartered British Psychological Society (BPS) Psychologist and Full Member of the BPS’s Division of Coaching Psychology (DoCP). He is on the BPS Register of Coaching Psychologists and is a Fully Accredited Executive Coach with the Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision (APECS).

Executive Coaching Key Benefits:

  • Stabilising and getting to grips with stressful issues
  • Expertise navigating leadership and personality conflicts
  • Speciality training to deal with extremely high stress issues
  • Decisive elite performance and game changing innovation
  • Insight to strategically apply the suggested interventions to transform leadership and the capability of the company
  • Creating visionary goal setting for personal leadership and company strategy
  • Transformation to co-create a sustainable project management plan to ensure a positive legacy of change
  • Understanding your professional and personal journey within the key areas of HEALTH,WORKLOVE, & PLAY
  • A pathway to exponentially improve your financial, physical, emotional and overall health
  • Creating meaningful health for you and everyone around you
  • Infinite value and paradigm shifting ways of thinking and working where you can continue to take deep insights into every aspect of your life

Psychological System’s portfolio of executive coaching clients are a varied clientele many of whom are individuals of ultra-high net worth (UHNW) and range from across every major sector including banking, business, the creative arts, law, and medicine, where our goal is to transform complex problems into opportunities for decisive elite performance and game changing innovation.

Our clients, who include CEOs and leaders meet with Dr Sherry (please refer here for qualifications) when they are having a spectrum of serious challenges at work or within their personal lives, and through a three-stage process are supported in effectively overcoming high stress situations. Dr Sherry’s sequence of work includes firstly, stabilising and getting to grips with the stressful issues. Secondly, once all aspects of the situation are stabilised, the next stage focuses on performance optimisation. Finally with further work, the final phase is the development of a completely visionary level of personal leadership and company transformation and the maintenance of these innovations which clients can take going forward beyond the sessions. This stage also focuses on working to co-create a sustainable legacy of change that is based on our client’s deepest personal story and strengths, as well as the discovery and implementation of their own personal insights and application of this deeper narrative, vision, and realised strategy.

Wherever a client is within this spectrum Dr Sherry has the experience and wisdom to be able to profoundly help by freeing up an executive leader’s own wisdom and to responsibly apply these interventions in a very real and practical way, serving to transform their applied health leadership and the capability of their company to sustainably achieve far beyond what they might have thought possible.

The broad depth of Dr Sherry’s training and expertise allows him to work with the executive or luminary (or their family members) wherever he or she is, no matter the difficulty, he works to achieve a completely new level of meaning and output within every aspect of his client’s lives. Careful work is done with the executive leader to find out where you are in your professional and personal journey within the key areas of HEALTH, WORK, LOVE, & PLAY and where you would like to arrive to actualise each of these core components, even if these goals may seem impossible. Dr Sherry’s work is aimed at enlarging the scale and scope of a healthy outcome within all these aspects. In working with Dr Sherry the focus is to understand each client’s vision to create deeper dreams, to support turning these into reality, and to realise a more meaningful legacy.

This virtuous cycle of inspiration equips you to truly inspire and positively influence everyone who you encounter and work with. Dr Sherry’s coaching will help you to understand your specific blind spots and potential risk patterns so these can be expertly managed within the unique challenges of your professional framework and organisational context. Dr Sherry’s intention is to co-create a paradigm shifting way of thinking and working so you can take these deep insights into every aspect of your life and realise your full potential.