Medico-Legal Expertise & Media/Public Speaking

Medico-Legal Expertise Overview

Dr Richard Sherry is an expert witness with the Academy of Experts within the area of Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy and Trauma Psychology. His membership number with the Academy of Experts is: 3707. He is on the Directory for the British Psychological Society (BPS) Expert Witnesses. He has a focus on Psychological Trauma and stress related issues. Areas including Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD); Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); Stress and Anxiety Disorders are expertly addressed.  Dr Sherry’s background and professional training is as a Consultant Chartered Clinical Psychologist, HCPC Reg., and BPS CPsychol, AFBPsS; (Full BPS Member Division for Clinical Psychology (DCP) as well as  a Full BPS Divisional Counselling Psychologist (DCoP); HCPC Registered for both). He is a BPC and UKCP Reg. Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist; APECS licensed Executive Coach. He is a BPS Psychological Test Registered User.  He has an Organisational Consultancy Masters (MA). He is a full member for the BPS Division of Occupational Psychology (DOP). Dr Sherry is a specialist in psychological clinical traumatology (ESTSS Certificate and an EMDR Consultant) for individuals and organisations.

Dr Sherry’s areas of medicolegal expertise cover assessment and diagnosis for general mental health and a wide spectrum of trauma and stress disorders. Reputational, bullying, harassment, and discrimination issues can be expertly examined. Accident, medicolegal, occupational, and related areas of mental health and Family Law are also expertly assessed. Medicolegal assessment appointments are also internationally available via Facetime, Skype, and Zoom.  Medicolegal assessment, diagnosis, report writing, as well as clinical psychological treatment for Trauma as well as a range of Clinical psychology and Neuropsychological disorders are offered.

 Media and Public Speaking

If you would like Psychological Systems to provide a speaker for your public or media engagement Dr. Sherry is a visionary and articulate speaker who is able to connect hearts and minds across any public or media engagement arena. He is a regular expert contributor and Keynote Speaker, having expertise in clinical psychology, especially within trauma psychology, as well as other areas of related expertise.

Dr Sherry is a captivating and engaging communicator, who has frequently worked with the media on radio and with production companies. He has given many Keynote speeches over a number of specialist topics. He has a strong interest in both films & documentaries has often been described by those who meet him as having a deep emotional presence and intellect that allows him not only to simultaneously understand both the minute details as well as the big picture thinking but to communicate to his audience at the very highest level possible. This quality of mind would make him an invaluable addition these kinds of endeavours, as well as a member of a board of directors or an expert consultant.

Dr Sherry’s specialist areas for Media consultation also include:-

  • Clinical Psychology and Mental Health
  • Psychotherapy and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
  • Neuropsychology and Neuroscience
  • Coaching; particularly Executiveand Creativity
  • Wilderness Medicine
  • Humanitarian and Military Psychology
  • Expertise in traditional cultures and explorers, and the value supporting these exchanges of learning and deep knowledge
  • Leadership
  • Creativity and Art
  • Aviation and Space Psychology
  • Organisational Systems, Risk Management, and Human Factors

Dr Sherry’s contributions include:-

  • Throughout 2016 – BBC Scotland – speaking on a wide array of issues on mental health, as well as Space Medicine and Psychology
  • Extreme Medicine Expo – round table discussion on the psychology and medicine of the deep space exploration of Mars with Medical Doctor and Astronaut, Dr. Mike Barratt and BBC Presenter and Consultant Anaesthesiologist, Dr. Kevin Fong
  • UCL Medical School – presented an expanded version of that given at the Extreme Medical Conference
  • Extreme Medical conference – presenting on the Psychology of Vulnerable populations, and in particular looking at the Syrian Crisis
  • Round table discussion with an array of experts, to include the explorer and anthropologist, Bruce Parry, the Amazonian Shaman, Kurikindi and a number of expert neuroscientists looking at addiction treatment across cultures and time
  • Commissioned to present for the British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC) on the Psychoanalytic Insights into Understanding the Collapse of Society
  • Apr 2015 – Lecture on Aesthetic Medicine and Clinical Psychology, London
  • Oct 2014 – Psychological Assessment for Aesthetic Medicine, London
  • May 2014 – Psychological Assessment for Setporhinoplasy, London
  • Mar 2014 – The Psychology of Cooperation, London – invited Keynote speaker
  • Dec 2013 – Lecture given on Aesthetic Medicine and Clinical Psychology, London
  • Aug 2013 – Lecture given to the Neuropsychoanalysis Congress on Innovations in Psychological Trauma Testing, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Oct 2012 – Lecture on Disaster and Addictions Medicine: Lifeworks, London – invited speaker
  • Jun 2012 – Lecture given to Middlesex University, Title: “Development of a Trauma Service”