Select Test Battery

#   Battery Description Cost
1 Eating disorder test The Eating disorder test battery aims to identify and highlight key aspects of your eating behaviour that link to your health and emotional changes and turn any over or under eating problems into effective interventions. £85.00
2 Family assessment £85.00
3 Body armor and life triggers £85.00
4 Work environment The Work environment test battery covers different key aspects in one’s occupational relationships in order to facilitate a high performance work environment. £85.00
5 Surgical and Aesthetic test The Surgical and Aesthetic test battery aims to highlight the factors that potentially influence risks in aesthetic surgeries and present ways to improve preventatively one’s experience and positive outcome. £125.00
6 Mental disorders /Assessment of suicidal £85.00
7 Social Media test The Social Media test battery that looks at vulnerability on social media and helping improve one’s experience with more positive and healthy uses of social media tools. £85.00
8 Leadership test £85.00
9 Alcohol and Substance Batteries The Alcohol and Subtances Test Batteries aims to investigate any possible unhealthy consumption behaviours and highlight what impact they have on multiple aspects of your daily life as well as what issues can be helpfully addressed. £85.00
10 Organizational Test The Organizational test battery looks at the health and performance of your organisation at an initial point in time as well as post any management interventions of choice to observe the improvements or detriments they bring to the organisation. £125.00
11 Psychopathology test battery £85.00
12 Leading in Organisations This test battery looks at essential factors that are likely to impact performance and positive work culture and communication. £150.00
13 Complex PTSD Battery This battery of tests is designed to look at assessing aspects of complex PTSD and related issues that accompany many of these issues. £95.00

Select Test

#   Test Cost
1 Social Media Test £30.00
2 Surgical Test £100.00
3 General Health Test £25.00
4 Relationship Test £35.00
5 Psychological Triggers and Body Armor Test £45.00
6 Aesthetic test £100.00
7 Social Interplay Test £15.00
8 Work Relationship Test £100.00
9 Eating Disorder Test £100.00
10 Alcohol and Substances Misuse Test £30.00
11 Financial Health Test £75.00
12 Employee Health Test £50.00
13 Virtue Ethics Test £120.00
14 General medical test £85.00